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Healthy Eating: Recommendations For Soldiers

Why Nutrition Is So Important?

Proper nutrition is vital to maintaining good health and mission readiness. In this article, you will find tips on making healthy food choices, whether at home or while deployed.

One of the most important indicators of physical strength and even one's mental health status is based on what is consumed.

The old adage, "You are what you eat", is valid not only from a medical standpoint but also from the standpoint of reaching your weight and fitness goals, maintaining muscle mass, and combating disease. Making sure that you are getting the proper nutrition is recommended whether you are on or off duty. Although falling off the bandwagon is normal at times, making a commitment to a lifetime of healthy eating will serve you better than if you are unconscious about what you eat, and grab whatever is quick and easy. Making a conscious effort to always have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and fiber rich grains on hand is going to help you stick to whatever physical performance goals you have set out for yourself. Your body is just like a machine and the type of fuel you put into it is going to be reflected in your overall performance and well-being...

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3 Important Fitness Tips For Soldiers

By Todd Schankleighter

Close combat training is definitely unlike your other combative routines. You may find yourself shocked in the scene if you haven't experience a close combat training. Famous athletes always find some time to improve their skills, aside from training for other activities. However, you will need to practice and develop the three core aspects. Improving these aspects will help you increase the effectiveness of your skills. These aspects are footwork, reflexes and balance. Here the some tips to guide you on improving these 3 important areas for your training:

Reflexes - There are several approaches that you can take when it comes to improving your reflexes. Slow reflexes can result to a slower muscle response and low situation analysis. If the problem comes out to be based on slow muscle reflexes, you will have to effectively increase the strength of your muscles. Improving your small muscles or snap muscles can greatly aid your on increasing the reflexes of your muscles. Small muscles may not be that strong but these muscles are the one that gives strength to your big muscles to quickly react to the signal given by the brain. If your problem shows to be poor analysis, then I advise you to play mental games. Moreover, you can practice meditation. Meditation routines can certainly help you increase your mental skills.

Footwork - Boxing athletes never forgot to improve their footwork. There are several ways which can aid you on increasing your footwork. One of these training exercises is the rope jogging. It is simple to execute. All you need is to run or walk while jumping into the middle of the rope...

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